whitewashes, whitewashing, whitewashed
1) N-UNCOUNT Whitewash is a mixture of lime or chalk and water that is used for painting walls white.
2) VERB If a wall or building has been whitewashed, it has been painted white with whitewash.

[be V-ed] The walls had been whitewashed.

[V-ed] ...a town of picturesque whitewashed cottages.

3) VERB (disapproval) If you say that people whitewash something, you are accusing them of hiding the unpleasant facts or truth about it in order to make it acceptable.

[V n] The administration is whitewashing the regime's actions...

[V n] `The whole incident was whitewashed,' he claimed yesterday.

4) N-UNCOUNT: also a N (disapproval) Whitewash is an attempt to hide the unpleasant facts or truth about someone or something.

He pledged that there would be no whitewash and that the police would carry out a full investigation...

The report's findings were condemned as total whitewash.

5) VERB In sports, if a player or team whitewashes an opponent, they win very easily, and their opponent does not get any points at all. [mainly JOURNALISM]

[V n] Not since 1988 had she whitewashed an opponent in her opening match...

[V n] Their leading players were being whitewashed 4-0.


English dictionary. 2008.

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